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Product Name SURFBOARD

Reference Code SR8156|105

Product Description

Playground equipment in the shape of a surfboard for children from3 to 12 years. The playground equipment is made up of 4 springs. The springs are made of20 mm thick spring steel. The spring is designed so that you can never get clamped, not even at the heaviest load. On top of the springs, a checker plate with a thickness o5f /3 mm is mounted. The checker plate is bordered with a blue polyester-coated metal tube with a diameter of33 mm. The frame of the mast is made up of thick-walled seamless polyester-coated metal tubes with a diameter o3f3 and 42 mm. Inside the tube construction of the mast, there is a HDPE polyethylene panel with various climbing and crawling possibilities. All metal parts are treated against rust and all nuts and bolts are completely covered with flower-shaped protections caps.

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