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Product Name Wooden Flying Saucer

Reference Code 8501|105

Product Description

Wooden bird’s nest swing for children from 3 to 15 years. The swing is made up of 4 larch stands with a diameter
of 12 cm and a horizontal larch beam with a diameter of14 cm. In the corners, the swing is reinforced with red polyester-coated steel support brackets with a diameter of42 mm. A swing basket with diameter125 cm and made
of -6fold steel-wire rope is attached to maintenance-free swing hooks with double suspension using a steel-wire rope.

At the bottom, the swing has metal galvanized shell-shaped pole supports that are fixed into the ground. The swing is also suitable for children and adults with disabilities.


Type of wood: larch
Round wooden poles12 and 14 cm thickness cut outside the heart Metal corner supports are treated against rust and polyester coated Basket hung on galvanized chains
Special maintenance-free swing hooks with double suspension Galvanized metal base supports

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Wooden Flying Saucer Category: PLAYGROUNDS

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