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The body of the litter bin is made up of galvanized steel structure treated with powder coating. The sheathing consists of solid wooden lamellas of dimensions 117x26 mm, 92x26 mm and 68x26 mm for pine TW or 117x21 mm, 92x21 mm and 68x21 mm for other wood types and length of 640 mm attached together by steel screws. Inside of the litter bin there is a removable polypropylene container 5 mm thick.



Galvanized steel treated with powder coating in colour variations: RAL 7016 (anthracite grey), RAL 9005 (jet black),RAL 9006 (white aluminium), RAL 9007 (grey aluminium). Other RAL shades according to RAL sampler on request only. Spruce – two-layer impregnation and lacquer mixed with water with beeswax Tropical wood – treated with teak oil Oak – treated with impregnation and a glaze with biocidal e?ect Thermally modi?ed wood pine ThermoWood® – penetration coating for wood with UV protection


 Anchoring is done with four stainless steel threaded rods M10 of length min. 200 mm and four nut cover caps M10 with a chemical anchor into  concrete foundations prepared in advance.


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