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Product Name ZET

Reference Code UF2017-02_35L|103


The construction is made of steel ?ame-cut parts 3 and 4 mm thick welded to leg from U pro?le 80x40 mm made up of galvanized steel structure treated with powder coating. The sheathing consists of solid wooden lamellas: 22 lamellas of rectangular shape of dimensions 21x26 mm and 1 lamella of rectangular shape of dimension 21x68 mm. In the front under removable lid there is a hole for trash with dimensions 180x138 mm. Inside of the litter bin there is a removable galvanized container 0,5 mm thick with a volume of 35 litres.




Galvanized steel treated with powder coating in colour variations: RAL 7016 (anthracite grey), RAL 9005 (jet black), RAL 9006 (white aluminium), RAL 9007 (grey aluminium). Other RAL shades according to RAL sampler on request only. Tropical wood – treated with teak oil Thermally modi?ed wood pine ThermoWood® – penetration coating for wood with UV protection


 Anchoring is done with four stainless steel threaded rods M10 of length min. 100 mm and four nut cover caps M10 with a chemical anchor into concrete foundations prepared in advance.


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